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Iteration 01,02

This currently ‘untitled’ work  is an amalgamation of 3-Dimensional scans of dance floors after a night of transportive dancing. Including clubs and rave spaces at the center of queer communities, incorporating potential spaces, moving bodies, and moving bodies of water. 


The kinetic scans, I.e scans of moving bodies  function more as errors or as failures, as mentioned before, my work largely grapples with the failure of mechanical optics. This failure is key to understanding the innate failure of representation through photography, surveillance and other forms of image capture. The blurring of these scans is instrumental in generating modes of escape or fugitivty. 


This work operates as a digital quilt, while simultaneously existing as a landscape, as well as a sort of mapping -  archiving gestures of queer utopia and generating ephemera as evidence. 

Images from 'Drawing A Blank' Group Exhibition in London, UK

Curated by Ben Broome

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