Rotating counter-clockwise at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, a hurricane embodies a space of ambiguity that seeks to misidentify and disrupt its surroundings, forcing us to reason with an emotional transformation of our familial landscape. Hurricane Maria transpired to be a war move, the event itself is bigger than language.I find salvage in the spin, the blur, and the unobtainable.  


The sound of a preacher shouting over a megaphone a few blocks over, the ocean breeze thrashing against my cousin’s iron gates, and the screams of two roosters in a cock fight. My practice is at the crossroads of sonic performance, new media, and expanded cinema. In these iterations I explore violence as an act of queerness, the hamartia of the oppositional gaze, and the reverb of cultural dissonance.


By drawing from the carnivalesque, queer nightlife, and my own familial histories, I triangulate a trajectory that undermines our social scaffolding, and functions to center difference.