As an Interdisciplinary Artist, my practice is located at the crossroads of sonic performance, new media, and expanded cinema. In my iterative works, I largely explore the impossibility of the black body, the failure of mechanical optics, and the reverb of cultural dissonance. By remixing, fragmenting and abstracting my own positionality and history as a second generation, queer, black-indigenous, immigrant, born in Puerto Rico, and whose family emmigrated from the Dominican Republic--I utilize familial footage, 3d animation, and virtual reality to ridicule political disruption and to question ideas of comfort and belonging.


By examining carnival and spiritual practices throughout the Caribbean and generally the Global South, my work takes on a necessary satirical approach to undermine the systems at play (spanning from mechanic to social), as a means to enact mutiny and to explore futurity. In the act of reconciliation with generational and environmental trauma, I remap my body as a site of multitude, to fracture the autobiographical nature of my work. 


Through the use of my not-so alter-ego known as Morenxxx (a DJ), I am not only able to be present but to also become a player in underground queer nightlife. This is critical to my work, because the actual embodiment of these ideas of temporality and liberation already exists and manifests within these spaces, and so my identity as Morenxxx works as a feedback loop with my artistic practice. My interests in dance music and movement inform my performative projects; whether they exist in cyberspace or in real life (IRL); these projects grapple with multiplicity and safety.   


In my process I use field recordings taken of mundane interactions, music sampling and audio software/hardware to recontextualize sound into a larger sonic composition that then informs the image. This relationship is important in my work, because I find it grants me an improvisational approach to cinema and the moving image. Moreover, to get to the essence of these conversations, I place no restrictions on the tools that I employ.