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A Field of Islands

“...migration identifies something uncapturable and unmeasurable, something ever mobile and unfamiliar. Far from designating a completely disempowered status, sees migration taking on a certain agency, autonomy and potentiality.’


-T.J.Demos The Migrant Image


A Field of Islands, utilizes the form of a video game to function as expanded cinema. In this expansive world, the viewer or in this case the gamer submerges into a level-based nonfiction narrative that investigates the condition of sovereignty in the self as it relates to the colonized nation. 


While utilizing found/familial footage, 3-Dimensional scans/animations and experimental sound design, Jesús Hilario-Reyes builds a fantastical archipelago of narration. Through an autobiographical approach, the gamer experiences an abstracted retellings of familial history, that explores the entanglements of migrancy.

Ongoing Porject


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