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Two performers were bound together with: 
braided twine connected to the heels and wrist, the twine had a series of small bells & cowrie shells sewn on to it. The performers were also bound by a sheet of fabric which was scented with bleach. This sheet was attached to both performer's head-enabling them to see. In the middle of this sheet of fabric was a suspended wine glass. 
The performance began with performer one (Namir Fearce) maneuvering around the spaces while tugging and pulling the twine so the performer two (I) would follow his movements. Then performer one began teaching performer two a prayer; dedicated to the ancestors (primarily used in Yoruba-derived faiths). Once performer two knew the prayer, both performers removed the sheets which originally blinded them. The sheet fell to the ground and the wine glass shattered. 
Chicago Cultural Center
78 E Washington St. 
Collaborator: Namir Fearce 
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