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Akin to the Hurricane
Sound Performance


To interrogate the impossible complex that exist within the hyper-visibility and invisibility of the Black body, Hilario-Reyes utilizes the aesthetics of Carnival to generally take on a satirical approach that undermines said complex. The invisibility of the masquerade and the hyper-visibility of its spectacle allows for a necessary subversion to really de-materializes this dichotomy.

Akin to the Hurricane is a continuous iterative series of performances, that began in Spring 2018. Initially starting off as an Instagram/Facebook live take over then later progressed into a series of impromptu sound performances. Taking on many forms, this performance has been quite adaptive to the spaces its acted upon.

Iteration 08

Autopoiesis:Recognizing Kin Across Antipodal Topologies


Berlin, Germany

 In collaboration with EXAEL


To further interrogate the impossible complex present within the hyper-visibility and invisibility of the Black Body, this iteration takes on a similar approach, as seen in Iteration 07.  The performer utilizes more traditional carnival aesthetics, while also operating under the same strobe lighting. 

Iteration 07

Rhubarb Performance Festival

Toronto, Canada

 In collaboration with Callum Magnum


 For this iteration at the Rhubarb Performance Festival I collaborated with producer and sound artist Callum Magnum. 


Documenting this performance was quite difficult as the performance is only illuminated by a crescendo of strobe lights that climax towards end. The revelation that the strobes enact produce a still image from an otherwise nearly invisible performance. 

Iteration 06

Fire Island Juneteenth Inaugural Celebration

 In this simple, maybe more poetic iteration  I lay my weight in sand along the boardwalk of Cherry Grove

This is a silent iteration


(No video documentation)


Iteration 05

Eclipsing Performance Festival

Chicago, Illinois


In collaboration with Hijo Prodigo

(No video documentation)

Iteration 04


Steuben, Wisconsin


In collaboration with Sharmi Basu

Iteration 03

Grant Park

Chicago, Illinois


Iteration 02

Humboldt Park

North Ave Island

Chicago, Illinois


Iteration 01

Facebook Live

Instagram Live


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