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Aero_ Narcosis

Rotating counter-clockwise at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, a hurricane embodies a space of ambiguity-that seeks to misidentify and obstruct its surrounding. Forcing us to reason with a transformation of our surrounding physical landscape. This natural phenomena incarnates an ideology of the changing winds that culminate in actions of transformation, abstraction and making a new.

Subjects exposed to such high velocity winds can achieve Aero Narcosis, a condition, a feeling, an embodiment that subdues subjects into a dream-like state

Thus Aero Narcosis establishes a comm link in ulterior space, who's purpose is to broadcast a sonic collage: a manifesto of the changing winds. The subject(s) will utilize sampled material, field recordings and electronic sound to enact the Hurricane

Launches November 1st

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Promotional material
by Terrell Davis
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