the Body of Crossroads negotiates a space between two black queer performers of calamity and suspense. Utilizing vogue aesthetics: runway and ritual order, performers enact a ceremony designed for the exhaustion of the body; movements include crashing, spinning, and suicides. We are able to examine the durability and endurance of both bodies. Given there are two performers opposed with one another, we create a margin of comparison, one performer enacting more masculine characteristics and the other more effeminate, this creates a complicated duality where both performs enact the same actions that will eventually culminate to a collision at the center of the crossroads. 

A Body of Crossroads


in collaboration with Namir Fearce

Iteration 001:

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

21 Minus Performance Festival 2017


Olivia Laird

Iteration 002:

Links Hall

New Blood Performance Festival XI