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Durational Performance



piel de piedra

skin of stone



1.The performance began with the performer by opening a jar that contained a mixture the color of a sickly yellow, and pouring said mixture on the top of the totem.

2.The performer covered their entire body with white body clay.

3.Next the performer lifted a large boulder and carried it on their chest, then began to run clockwise around the totem structure until exhaustion. 

3.The performer then got in their resting position until they felt ready to continue and screamed to signal the next portion of the ritual (this happened in between each of the next steps).

4.The performer began dancing salsa around the totem, in a forceful manner. 

5.The performer did a serious of movements that consisted of  a thrusting motion directed towards the ground. Till exhaustion

6.Thus, the performer began to flex their body while holding their crotch. Here the performer also stared the audience down and kicked the barrier of sand as it was his territory to claim and 'protect'. When an audience member stared for too long, the performer would yell at them.


7. Finally the performer called the audience around them by banging a metal utensil against a glass jar, this created a loud ringing noise. When the audience was present, the performer cut a lock of their hair and placed it within the glass jar. This concluded the one-hour durational performance. 

Video Documentation: Nanna Rosenfeldt Olsen

Photo Documentation: Maria Gaspar

Mana Contemporary

Chicago, IL 

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